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 I discovered my love for creative imaging while taking Black and White Photography courses at Southern Miss, religiously carrying my class issued Pentax K1000 around and burning the midnight oil many a night in the dark room. Upon graduating, my  career steered in other directions.   I joined friends in  Aspen, Colorado then got married and moved to Pensacola, Florida, on to Madison, Mississippi, and now reside in my  hometown of Natchez, Mississippi, where I now raise my  two daughters with my wife, Melinda. My  passion for photography was rekindled  thanks to my passionate and creative sister, Elizabeth (Elizabeth Laird Photography in Seagrove, FL).

My day job is that of a grant writer for a non-profit organization but I spend my  quality time with my family, running shoes  and my two Nikons.   

My focus is that of one on one photography and I've most recently collaborated with several swimwear companies doing swimwear portraits.      


EMAIL-  alairdphoto@gmail.com

Phone- 601-597-3141.   Feel free to text or leave a voicemail.  

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